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Millee Tibbs

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About Millee Tibbs

Millee Tibbs was born in Huntsville, Alabama and lived in Spain and the Dominican Republic before moving to Providence, Rhode Island where she currently resides. She holds an MFA in photography from RISD and a BA in studio art and Hispanic studies from Vassar College. Her work is conceptually driven and is concerned with the nature and use of photographs in contemporary culture. Her work has been exhibited domestically and internationally at places such as Notre Dame University, Indianan; the Maine Center for Contemporary Art, Rockport; 55 Mercer Gallery and Winkeman/Plus Ultra Gallery, both in NY; David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University, Rhode Island; Paul Robeson Gallery at Rutgers University, New Jersey; University of Massachusetts, Lowell; and at both the Museum of Modern Art and Spanish Cultural Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her work is currently held in the Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn flat file and is a part of the online database at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. Millee teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design.