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Eli Reed

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About Eli Reed

Photographer Eli Reed is known for his strong empathy and ability to convey complex subjects with powerful simplicity. Reed became a photojournalist and eventually worked as a staffer for several newspapers before leaving to studying the social analysis of war during a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. Reed’s special talents often involve the photo essay. In 1982, his photographs of conflict-torn countries in Central America attracted the attention of Magnum, where Reed was invited to become a nominee in 1983 and full member (and the agency’s first African-American photographer) in 1988. Along with his coverage of conflicts in Beirut, Haiti and Panama, Reed has published “Beirut, City of Regrets” and “Black in America” (both published by W. W. Norton), and directed a international award winning documentary, Getting Out. He has worked often as a still photographer for the movie industry, where he’s built up a strong relationship with directors John Singleton and Ron Howard among others.
Reed, who has lectured (September 2009 presentation to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway) and taught extensively, has received numerous awards for his work including the runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize (1981), the Mark Twain Associated press Award (1981), the Overseas Press Club Award (1983), the Nikon World Understanding Award (1983), the Leica Medal of Excellence (1988), World Press (1988), Kodak’s World Image Award for Fine Art Photography (1992), and the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Documentary Photography (1992).