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Mary Phillips

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About Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips is a North Texas photographer specializing in family and children’s portraiture. She has studied photography throughout her life, beginning in her father’s darkroom and continuing her education at Columbia College, as well as the Maine Photographic Workshops.
Mary is the founder of The Photographic Life, a web community dedicated to teaching mothers how to capture family moments through photography. She is also active in several philanthropic photography efforts, including The Dallas Heart Gallery and The Tiny Sparrow Foundation.
Mary’s photography is known for breaking the norms of children’s portraiture by capturing children in their natural state. Her work frequently embraces the dirty, mischievous nature of childhood. The result is a body of work that showcases the spirit of youth, more than it captures any single child. Mary’s images instantly kindle for viewers the weightless freedom of childhood.
“In my portraits I try to capture genuine moments with a classic style. I want those viewing my work to know something about my subject’s personality just by looking at the image. When critiquing an image, i’m looking first for the power, the decisive moment that was captured when the shutter clicked. From that point, I move on to evaluating the technical pieces that are either working with or against that moment. Throughout my studies, I have always found constructive, honest feedback to be an invaluable learning tool. There’s simply no better way to improve your work, than by looking it through a mentor’s eyes.”