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Rick Peterson

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About Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson is a photographer with over thirty years of experience. He is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration Photography. Rick began his career in his home town of Honolulu where he developed his photographic skills shooting for the hospitality industry.
During his first years in business, Rick acquired a major account, Sheraton Hotels in the Pacific. Peterson had the invaluable experience of traveling between eighteen Sheraton properties, shooting architecturals, lifestyle, aerials, food, and illustrative images for collateral and national advertising. Working from his Honolulu studio, Rick’s client base included major advertising and design agencies representing airlines, rental cars, banks, and multi-faceted corporations. Rick was the main Honolulu connection for Black Star/New York, who assigned him editorial photography for publications such as Runner’s World, Women’s Day, People, and Newsweek.
Rick now maintains a home/studio in Tucson, Arizona, where he shoots product and people. The studio is a base for his travels, photographing properties and corporate projects. His major accounts include a national women’s apparel catalog, an esteemed observatory in Hawaii, casinos and several jewelry designers. He follows his instincts with his personal photography, finding inspiration from nature, people, travel, urban scenes and still life – always curious and sampling new techniques.
Peterson is a career-long member of the American Society of Media Photographers- ASMP- and is a past president of the Arizona-Tucson Chapter. It was during his tenure as president of the ASMP that the “digital revolution” arrived. Rick was instrumental in guiding members into standard practices with the creation, editing and storage of digital media. His dedication and expertise gained him recognition from ASMP National for outstanding leadership.

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