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Michael Eudenbach

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About Michael Eudenbach

Michael Eudenbach is based in Newport, RI, where he lives with his wife Jessica and their dog Kona. A self taught photographer, Michael credits his former career as professional sailing crew, for fine tuning his eye to see compositions that focus on both the dramatic events and the quiet moments in between. He often dives into the ocean, climbs the mast of a sailboat, or flies overhead with his powered-paraglider to find dynamic angles for the perfect shot.
“I immerse myself in what’s going on around me to the point where the images become spontaneous and fluid.”
As a paraglider pilot, and scuba certified, Michael spends a lot of time shooting in the water or in the air. “An assignment to shoot underwater, or while flying overhead? - count me in!” A favorite assignment for Michael is where it’s all planned out perfectly, but then the weather changes, nobody shows up, or something breaks, and then it’s time to improvise. “Having a plan is important, but being able to think quickly to make the shot happen no matter what, is a required skill in this trade… just like my years at sea, when it can be smooth sailing for a while, but then a storm comes out of nowhere and kicks your butt.”
Michael’s images have been published by many, including Apple Computer, Rolex, Patagonia, Sailing World, Orvis, Men’s Journal, and Outside. With his assignment work, he brings a strong work ethic to the table and is a source of creative ideas while shooting any project. Michael is a member of Canon Professional Services, and an Image Master with DxO Image Science software. His fine art photography is in galleries throughout New England.